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What's included in your 30 day trial

What you get for £119:

1 free induction session

We'll discuss your goals, start point and take you through some training and nutrition basics before you start

12 small group personal training sessions

You'll train with us up to 3 times per week complete with your own training plan, plus coaching on how to train intelligently for your individual goals

 Nutritional Support

We'll provide you with all of the tools necessary to reach your goals to include weekly guidance based on where you are currently

all metrics tracked

We'll keep track of your progress, including all workout data and body composition changes

unrivalled support

You'll have unlimited access to your coaches via your preferred method of communication. You will also have access to our private members only Facebook group where we post exclusive content daily to our members.

Guaranteed results

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frequently asked questions

what happens at the end of my trial?

If you decide that we aren't for you at the end of your trial, we'll shake hands and part as friends.

But if you do decide to stay with us, we'll get you started on a programme that is absolutely perfect for you

I've never been to the gym, can i join?

We meet every single client where they are currently at.

From the complete beginner up to the seasoned professional, we will see how you move before we design a programme that is tailored to your own individual ability and goals

will you help me with my diet?

Absolutely, we will work with you to establish your starting point via a food diary.

Our aim is always to make nutrition as easy as possible, we will coach you through how to simplify your nutrition in order to achieve your goals

what do the sessions consist of?

We start all of our sessions with a group warm up before splitting off into our individual programmes.

Weight training is the bread and butter of our training programmes, we aim to get you stronger across a wide variety of exercises as this type of training provides the biggest return on your investment when it comes to reaching your goals.

We finish all sessions with a conditioning section, the aim of this section is to increase your heart rate, get a bit of a sweat on and get a little more calorie burn!