One to one personal training is my bread and butter. It’s where I have the opportunity to get hands on with my clients and really show them what they’re truly capable of. It’s where I’m able to directly educate my clients on proper exercise execution, how to make certain exercises suit their individual structure and how to get the most out of every single set.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Following your initial consultation we will take your first batch of measurements using skin fold callipers and measuring tape. We’ll take your ‘before’ pictures and both work together on setting goals for the first phase of your transformation

  • I then work on devising the perfect plan for you based on what we discussed during your consultation in the days following our first meeting

  • Progress is tracked daily utilising my online tracking spreadsheets, body fat measurements are tracked weekly and continuing photographs are taken bi-weekly. You’re left to guess at nothing

Everything is done with a reason and a purpose, every meal, every set, rep and rest period in the gym is designed and performed with a specific outcome in mind.

This is more than just turning up to the gym, my work with you goes far beyond the hour spent on the gym floor.


online coaching

Online coaching provides the perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking to achieve the same level of results as my personal training clients but are unable to see me in person

Here’s how it goes:

  • We’ll conduct an initial Skype consultation to ascertain your start point and current level of health. We’ll then work together to devise the perfect plan for you based on your current lifestyle, goals and time frame

  • I will devise a personalised training a nutrition plan for you that will be delivered via email

  • You will track your progress daily using my online tracking spreadsheets as well as bi-weekly photographs

  • We’ll catch up once per week with a formal check in to go over your previous week and outline goals and targets for the following week

  • As with my personal training, you will have access to all of the communication and support that you may need throughout your time. Online training involves so much more than just a training and nutrition programme for you to follow.