1. how many times per week do i need to train?

    I recommend between 2-4 training sessions per week in order to see significant progress. Frequent exposure to weight training is important early on in your journey in order for you to refine your technique and execution to ensure the best results from your efforts. Multiple weekly sessions also allows me to get to know you and exactly the type of support you need during your sessions.

  2. How long do i need to train for?

    The duration of your journey is dependent on various factors that we will cover during your consultation. I have a minimum commitment term of 12 weeks (3 months) for all clients as this guarantees us enough time to make huge progress. Some clients may require less time to reach their initial goal while others may require upwards of a year but all of this will be outlined during your consultation.

  3. I want to train with you but i’m unable to attend multiple times per week. is there anything you can do?

    I also offer online coaching if you are unable to make it to my studio or don’t live local. Online coaching includes everything that my 1:1 service does with the only difference being the online delivery. With online coaching you’re able to work to your own schedule in your own gym whilst still having the accountability from myself.

  4. What does it cost?

    Session charge is £40 per session, however, my work with you expands far beyond the hour spent on the gym floor and it is for this reason I am able to achieve the results that I do, so, look at your monthly investment as more than simply a session by session cost.

    Online coaching is charged at £120 per month.

  5. Where are you based?

    I am based in South Liverpool. I have a private studio located 5 minutes from Speke retail park. The beauty of my studio is that there will only ever be you and me present during your sessions.

    No queuing for equipment or waiting around for other trainees. Focus is 100% on you at all times to ensure the best training experience possible.